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Finding the transaction in Merchant Portal

Finding the Transaction in Merchant Portal#

Merchant Portal (SMP) is an alternative to using the Payment gateway for voids/refunds/captures.

It is highly recommended to choose one method to maintain orders. If the Vend platform is used, Merchants no longer need to use SMP.

SMP can still be used to retrieve settlement statements.

  1. Retrieve the Merchant Reference from the original Vend Receipt/Tax Invoice
  2. The last 12 characters of Merchant Reference is the Reference No in SMP

Latitude portal image

  1. To find an auth/purchase in SMP, log in to SMP (refer to Staff and Merchant Portal Basics)
  2. Navigate to the ‘eSales Voucher’ menu
  3. Transactions can be searched using the Merchant Reference. If the length of order number is greater than 12, the rightmost 12 characters will be seen in SMP.

Latitude portal image