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Landing Page Template

Primary objective#

Provide existing and recently onboarded retailers with a simple editable finance page template they can easily pull out from our Latitude Partner Resource Toolkit and adapt to their needs.

Secondary objective#

Ensure consistency of the comms across the business and our retail partners.

Figma Link#

If you have access to Figma, please contact your relationship manager and provide them with an email address of the person with Figma access, so we can share our template and modules directly.

Download Full suite of Latitude and Gem landing page assets.#

Download Latitude suite Download Gem suite

Latitude/Gem Landing Pages (Finance Page Template)#

Latitude Example

Gem Example

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Detailed breakdown with download links#

header 1

Including sticky navigation or HTML anchor links can help guide customers through your page and make it easier to find the exact information they are looking for.

header 2

Leading with a hero banner lets customers know you offer Latitude Interest Free.
Our resources page ( under the Approved Messaging and Banners tab ) includes files covering all common banner sizes and a choice between standard options, and versions with tailored creative covering key retail categories.

header 10

A benefits section educates customers about Latitude without them leaving your website. All icons are available to download here.

header 11

As per above, our resources page includes supplied files for you to download and use. The pack for these assets is available to download Latitude (AU) or Gem (NZ)

header 4

Clear information about our payment plans gives customers the whole picture on how repayments work and provides a nudge to buy. All plan designs are available to download under Interest Free Payment Plans Explained tab.

header 5

Suggested layout for a variety of different plans. Includes space for your exclusions and other info like minimum spend. All layouts are available to download here.

header 6

Appropriate legal disclaimers about the plans you offer can be found in our resource tool kit under Advertising Guidelines tab.

header 7

Shopping inspiration or links to key products and specials can aide you in completing the sale (this is an example for inspirational purposes only).

header 8

Frequently Asked Questions provide reassurance and leave customers feeling confident and informed. These are in or resources toolkit under the T&Cs, FAQs & Compliance tab.