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Advertising Essentials

To ensure the most clear & concise messaging for your customers, we recommend you follow our advertising guidelines which step through best practice for displaying & referring to (AU) Latitude Interest Free / (NZ) Gem Interest Free across your merchant marketing channels.

Essentials when advertising Latitude / Gem Interest Free#

Keep it simple.#

Don’t lose a customer because the payment instructions were too complicated. Use Latitude's recommended messaging – we’ve got it covered for you.

Avoid using icons only.#

Guide your customers through the purchase journey by using concise copy and simple numbered steps to ensure a frictionless experience.

Keep the customer journey front of mind.#

Prioritise clarity to keep shopping fun and simple. Your customers will appreciate it on their way to the checkout. Be sure to include Latitude / Gem Interest Free throughout your site - before the shopper even gets to the checkout. Doing this will help make it clear that Latitude is the payment provider. Use our on-site messaging guide to set-up banners, product page widgets and modals for the most optimal up-stream customer experience.

Stand out for the right reason.#

Highlight the payment plan options you offer in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading for your customers. Use black text on light backgrounds and white text on dark backgrounds.

Always be sensitive to the situation.#

Consider your customers financial circumstances & spend behaviours impacted by the current macro market trends. Use this knowledge to decide how you promote and market Latitude in all your channels. One message does not fit all circumstances.

Never encourage overspending.#

Do not encourage shoppers to spend outside their means or use Latitude / Gem Interest Free within a negative and irresponsible context. The heart of our business lives & breathes responsible lending, and our payment plans should only ever be treated as an enabler for customers who want to comfortably budget large purchases into instalments. Language used by our partners should always reflect this core fundamental.