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Direct Instore Document Version

Version History#

VersionDateChange Details.
1.901/12/2021Migrate v1.8.1 to online resources.
1.9.107/03/2022status request marked as optional, depending on method used to retrieve payment outcome.
1.9.217/03/2022Remove references to autoCapture
1.1029/03/2022Add auto capture (partial and full).
1.1129/03/2022Update for partial void, partial capture.
1.11.109/05/2022Fix broken link to Authentication
1.1219/05/2022Add type 2 instore integration: instore-direct
1.12.105/07/2022Moved Finding the Transaction in Merchant Portal to here from other pages
1.1322/08/2022Removed reference to prepending of the Latitude Transaction Reference in SMP
1.1409/08/2023Added Cancel Feature