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Widget Playground

The Widget playground provides a configurable environment where you can see a preview of the different widget layout designs depending on your promo type and term. A sample integration code snippet is provided that can be used to configure the widget on your website's product pages.

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(The difference between Sandbox and Production is the hosting location of the widget. From time to time, Latitude will release new widget features in Sandbox prior to Production)

How to use the widget playground#

  1. Access the relevant widget playground environment
    a. If integrating to a Merchant’s non-production environment, access the Sandbox widget playground
    b. If integrating to a Merchant’s Production environment, access the Production widget playground
  2. Select the currency
    a. the script will update "currency": "AUD" or "NZD"
    b. the Latitude lockup will change between Latitude Interest Free vs. Gem Interest Free
  3. Select the Layout
    a. the script will update "layout": "standard" or "logo only" or "inversed" or "disabled"
    b. Layout options are
standardCustomers will see content displayed on a separate line
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logo onlyCustomers will see content displayed inline with other payment icons. This will also not display indicative price
Latitude portal image

inversedCustomers will see the logo followed by the text
Latitude portal image

disabledCustomers will not see the widget
Latitude portal image
  1. Select the Interest Free plan type
    a. the script will update "paymentOption": "equal" or "minimum"
    b. merchants who have promotions that are only the Equal Monthly types should choose "Equal Monthly", to provide the price per month breakdown
  2. Select the Payment Plan Period
    a. the script will update “promotionMonths”: "12" or "24" , etc
    b. select only from the list of applicable promotion plan period
    c. this field will be used to show the number of payment instalments
    d. merchants who qualify for "Equal Monthly" will be provided with an indicative monthly amount
  3. Follow the instructions on the right hand side to embed the code snippet into your product page
    a. replace the code platform=direct with your relevant platform. Valid values are platform=direct or platform=magento or platform=woocommerce
    b. replace the code "merchantId": "" and merchantId=[YOUR_MERCHANT_ID] with your specific merchantId

Following the Widget Guidelines#

  1. Your widget should be configured based on what plan type you have selected to provide to your customers eg: ‘Equal monthly’ or ‘minimum monthly’ or ‘flexible’ options for the widget.

  2. The Price Per Month (PPM) break-down is only shown for the ‘Equal Monthly’ plan option. A PPM break-down will not be shown when only ‘Minimum Monthly or Flexible’ plans are available.

  3. For ‘Equal Monthly’ plan types the product price is divided by the payment plan term to show the PPM

  4. For ‘Minimum Monthly or Flexible’ plan types only the payment term is shown

  5. Please use the widget playground above to be guided on the specific wording and links to include within the widget

  6. For the Learn more link please ensure you add your merchant ID onto the URL:

  7. Please use the correct widget playground environment to match your environment, Sandbox/Test or Production (Live site or to-be Live)