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Authentication uses the HTTP basic access authentication. More info on Basic auth can be found here:

Latitude portal image

Merchant ID and Merchant Secret will be provided for communicating with the Latitude Checkout.

  • Merchant ID is a username which must be included (as merchantId) in all requests
  • Merchant Secret is password which should be stored securely by merchants and should only be used to create the Authorization header.
  • Authorization header is generated by a. join merchantId and merchant secret by a colon character (without any spaces)
eg. m12345:lfsms__265c87d2601a435d9c7fd9dd39312428

b. Base 64 encode generated value


c. the Authorization header will appear as

eg. Authorization: Basic MTIzNDU6bGZzbXNfXzI2NWM4N2QyNjAxYTQzNWQ5YzdmZDlkZDM5MzEyNDI4