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Magento 2 Integration


This is the official documentation for the Magento 2 LatitudePay Payment Module. This module has been developed and is compatible with Magento 2.2.X up to 2.3.x Enterprise Edition and Community edition. Once installed, your Magento 2 site will have the ability to process LatitudePay transactions.

Supported Countries#

Australia & New Zealand

Supported Products#

LatitudePay, LatitudePay+ & Genoapay

Locate Your LatitudePay Merchant API Credentials#

To integrate with LatitudePay, you will need to obtain the following API Credentials:

  • API Key
  • API Secret

These Credentials are found on the settings dropdown on your Latitude Portal

If you have any issues locating these, please contact us at

Finding API Credentails

API Credentails

To enable LatitudePay payments, please ensure that you have the correct Currency configuration setup in the site. Define the currencies and update the Currency rates accordingly.

Multiple Currencies#

If multiple Currencies are used in the site:

  • Proceed to Stores > Configuration > General Menu > Currency Set Up

Currency Set up

For all LatitudePay transactions, please ensure you select Australian Dollar (AUD) as the Base currency, Default Display Currency and Allowed Currency.

Currency Set up AUD

For all Genoapay transactions, please ensure you select New Zealand Dollar (NZD) as the Base currency, Default Display Currency and Allowed Currency.

Currency Set up NZD

Installation Process#

Download the Zip file#

Download the latest version of the plugin here. Select the .zip file from the latest version of the release.

Install Extension Manually#

Unzip the extension package downloaded. When you have completed, you will have a folder named “LatitudePay” containing all files of different extension

  1. Go to the Magento 2 root directory, this could be “/bitnami/magento” or “/var/www/html” depending on your Magento 2 version
  2. Copy the content of the unzipped folder and paste it into the “app/code/Latitude/Payment” folder in the Magento 2 root directory

Root Directory

  1. Enter the following at the command line of Magento 2 root directory
  1. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  2. php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  3. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  4. php bin/magento cache:clean

Finally, coming back to Magento 2 admin to check if the extension is installed properly.


Payment Method

  • Login inside the Admin Panel and proceed to:

Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

Payment Method

  • If the Payment Module Panel LatitudePay is not visible in the list of available Payment Methods, proceed to System > Cache Management and clear Magento Cache by clicking on Flush Magento Cache

Cache Management

  • Proceed back to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods and under the payment method click the LatitudePay Checkout to expand the available settings
  • Set Enabled to Yes, set the correct credentials and click Save config

Payment Method Config

Enter the following details:

EnabledNoSet Yes to enable the payment
Show Payment Icon in MobileNoSet Yes to display the icon in mobile
EnvironmentProductionSelect either Sandbox to test the plugin or Production when you are ready to
Client KeyThe Client key can be obtained from LatitudePay GP merchant portal. Please refer to “Locate your LatitudePay Merchant API Credentials”
Client SecretThe Client Secret can be obtained from LatitudePay GP merchant portal. Please refer to “Locate your LatitudePay Merchant API Credentials”
Success URLlatitude/latitude/placeorder
Fail URLlatitude/latitude/fail
Callback URLlatitude/latitude/cancel
Applicable CountriesAU(LatitudePay)
Static block identifier for PDPLatitudePay Popup Content(LatitudePay)

LatitudePay icon on PDP#

  • Inside the Admin Panel please proceed to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > LatitudePay select Static block identifier for PDP
  • The block can be found by proceeding to Content > Block. The content in the block can be edited via this interface.

PDP on site

Model Popup

Main Functions#

Easily Checkout Using LatitudePay payment methods

Checkout Screene

The button and the content in this section can be edited via Content > Block LatitudePay Installment


Payments can be credited directly from the admin-panel of the shop. This means that the merchant does not have to log into the LatitudePay payment gateway in order to edit payments but can handle them directly via the admin-panel.

Step 1:#

  1. In your Magento 2 backend, proceed to Sales > Orders.
  2. Select to the order that you wish to refund.

Select Order

Step 2:#

  1. Click View to see the transaction details
  2. Click Invoices to go to the Invoices Page and choose the Invoice that you would like to refund

View Invoice

Step 3:#

  1. You should be in the Invoice Details Page
  2. Click on Credit Memo

Credit Memo Nav

Step 4#

  1. Select your refund options: refunding individual items, refunding shipping, refunding amount and refunding fee.
  2. Fill out the amount for the options you have selected
  3. Click Refund

Credit Memo

LatitudePay+ & Co-Presentment#

Approved merchants will have the option to offer their customers with either LatitudePay+ or our Co-Presentment Product offering in the admin panel. Co-Presentment will enable merchants to offer both LatitudePay for transactions below $1000 and LatitudePay+ will also be able to be offered on products above a minimum threshold.

To enable LatitudePay+ or Co-Presentment:

  1. Login inside the Admin Panel and proceed to: Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  1. Select LatitudePay
  2. You will be able to select which Payment Option you would like to offer your customers by selecting the drop down menu under “Which Payment Options do you want to offer?”


  1. Once the Payment option is selected, you will be able to Select the Payment Terms you want to offer for your customers. Please note. you can offer 4 different payment terms, 6,12,18 or 24 months. Please speak to your account manager and refer to your Merchant Contract to view which terms you have been approved to offer your customers. Please note at least one payment term will need to be selected but multiple options can be selected based on your contract.

Payment Terms

  1. Please note that the payment terms selected will reflect on your PDP Modal and clearly will let visitors of your site know the number of months they are able to pay their transaction over. E.g If 12 & 24 months are selected in the Payment Terms section, the following information will be displayed if the Co-Presentment option is offered.