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Onsite messaging

We highly recommend to enable LatitudePay's PDP snippets and checkout messaging that displays the lowest price point snippets to ensure customers are aware of the option and its available to use.

Snippet and Checkout Messaging Builder#

LatitudePay's PDP snippets automatically calculates the cost breakdown of the total amount of the products, displaying it neatly on your product detailed pages. Each of these snippets will display a modal with more info about LatitudePay when clicked. Please see below the working example of our PDP snippets.





Now its time to display it on your website, there are just two steps to follow:

Step 1

Copy the following code snippet to the page that you would like to display the widget, remember the amount value could be changed.

<img src="" />

If the product is out of stock, please uncheck (In-stock) box at top right corner of the snippet builder and you will be able to generate the endpoint where saleable=0

Step 2

Copy the following line and insert it right before the body tag end

<script src=""></script>

Alternative for Step 2#

If you would like to know what's included in the util.js JavaScript, please open and copy the entire code into your website.

Landing Page#

You may setup a separate landing page utilising the script below to let your buyers know all about LatitudePay. You can simply copy and paste the code and change the height and width based on your site’s requirement.

<iframe src='' width='800' height='1000'>