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Magento 1 Integration


This is the official documentation for the Magento 1 LatitudePay Payment Module. Once installed, your Magento 1 site will have the ability to process LatitudePay transactions. This document provides a step-by-step guide in how to install the plugin and covers a wide variety of features including creating an order, refunding an order and how to navigate through your Admin dashboard.

Supported Countries#

Australia & New Zealand

Supported Products#

LatitudePay, LatitudePay+ & Genoapay

Locate Your LatitudePay Merchant API Credentials#

To integrate with LatitudePay, you will need to obtain the following API Credentials:

  • API Key
  • API Secret

These Credentials are found on the settings dropdown on your Latitude Portal

If you have any issues locating these, please contact us at

Find API Credentails

API Credentails


  1. Download the latest version of the plugin here Please download the zip file.

  2. Extract the Zip file, then copy all contents to the Magento root folder. You can use either SSH/SFTP if available to get a secure encrypted connection or use control panels like CPanel or DirectAdmin. Alternatively, you can also install the plugin using Magento Connect manager. Once installed, refresh the Magento Cache. We recommend using the Flush Cache button to make sure all left-over files are gone.

Note: Please disable the Magento complier before installation and flush Cache. Once installed, refresh the cache again > logout > login again > Re-enable Magento Compiler.

Plugin Settings#

In the Magento 1 admin portal, please proceed to:

System > Configuration > Payment Methods > LatitudePay

LatitudePay System Configuration LatitudePay Payment Methods

Please enter the following values into the open fields:

Username/Client KeyRetrieved from Merchant Portal
Password/Client SecretRetrieved from Merchant Portal
Use in Frontend CheckoutYes
TitleLatitudePay - 10 weekly interest free payments
DescriptionAvailable to AUS residents who are 18 years old and over and have a valid debit or credit card.
Enable purchase orderNo
New order statusProcessing
Minimum Order Total20
Maximum Order Total1500
Enable debugNo

LatitudePay+ & Co-Presentment#

Approved merchants will have the option to offer their customers with either LatitudePay+ or our Co-Presentment Product offering in the admin panel. Co-Presentment will enable merchants to offer both LatitudePay for transactions below $1000 and LatitudePay+ will also be able to be offered on products above a minimum threshold.

To enable LatitudePay+ or Co-Presentment:

In the Magento 1 admin portal, please proceed to:

System > Configuration > Payment Methods > LatitudePay

  1. You will be able to select which Payment Option you would like to offer your customers by selecting the drop down menu under “Which Payment Options do you want to offer?”

  2. Once the Payment option is selected, you will be able to Select the Payment Terms you want to offer for your customers. Please note. you can offer 4 different payment terms, 6,12,18 or 24 months. Please speak to your account manager and refer to your Merchant Contract to view which terms you have been approved to offer your customers. Please note at least one payment term will need to be selected but multiple options can be selected based on your contract.

LatitudePay Admin

  1. Please ensure to have your Environment changed to Production and enter the relevant API keys for LatitudePay+

LatitudePay Magento Lpay + 2

  1. Please note that the payment terms selected will reflect on your PDP Modal and clearly will let visitors of your site know the number of months they are able to pay their transaction over. E.g., If 12 & 24 months are selected in the Payment Terms section, the following information will be displayed if the Co-Presentment option is offered.

LatitudePay Big or Small


LatitudePay plugin supports a direct refund by calling the API. To process refunds for LatitudePay orders, Proceed to Order > Invoice > Credit Memo(button) > Refund (button).

Refund process image

Once selected, you will then we able to choose whether you want to do a partial refund or full refund. You will also have the option to solely refund the shipping amount as well.

Refund process image - 2