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How can I build a direct API integration with LatitudePay?

First of all, we recommend to go through our API documentation. This should provide you a basic understanding of our requirements and endpoints. We advise you to focus on the following key areas for a successful integration:

  1. LatitudePay is available at Checkout with appropriate on-site messaging. Sample below:

  2. LatitudePay Snippets are available on product detailed pages. Please check our branding guidelines for appropriate messages. Sample of the snippets below:

  3. LatitudePay price point snippets are available on the cart page.

  4. As a merchant you should be able to view the record of orders paid via LatitudePay with all required information and with correct order status.

  5. Refund option available for LatitudePay orders for full and partial refunds using the API.

  6. Meets our business requirement. Please contact for a full list of Business requirements.

  7. We need to complete QA testing to ensure your integration meets our integration standards and provides seamless Consumer experience. Please contact integration support to schedule Certification testing or contact your LatitudePay account Manager.

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