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Shopify - Install Payment App

Install Payment app#

Latitude payment app will be set up as a Shopify Payment Platform, which can be activated from within the Shopify Admin Portal, using the link provided by Latitude.

  1. Click on the relevant Payment app installation link

For Latitude Interest Free (AU):

For Gem Finance Interest Free (NZ):

  1. Enter Your Shop URL (e.g. click Authenticate with Shopify to login to Shopify

Latitude portal image

  1. After you have authenticated in Shopify admin, click on “Install app” to continue

Latitude portal image

  1. Enter the API Key and API Secret shared in the email and click on Verify Credentials. Once verified, Redirecting to Shopify screen will show for a few seconds and will automatically redirect to the Shopify admin page where you can activate the app

Latitude portal image

  1. Verify Test Mode Settings

    IMPORTANT: To ensure connectivity to the correct payment gateway:

    For Production, use the PRODUCTION credentials and set Test Mode OFF
    For Development/Sandbox/Test, use the TEST credentials and set Test Mode ON

  1. Click on “Activate" button to activate the payment method (Note: this step requires “storeowner” access in Shopify).
    Once activated, the new payment option should be visible in your payment method option list.

Latitude portal image

Please proceed to Install the Latitude Promotions App