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e-Comm Touchpoints

Messaging & Placement#

We recommend adding Latitude Messaging throughout the full customer journey on your website.

This includes: Homepage → Category/Search Results Pages → Product Page → Cart → Checkout/Payment Options and the site footer.

You can also add a Latitude Interest Free information page including extra information and FAQs for customers.

Product page visibility ensures customers are aware of Latitude Interest Free before reaching the checkout stage.

The easiest way to present Latitude Interest Free, as a payment option to your customers, is to use the Latitude Messaging widget.

Note that anywhere the widget is added the Latitude Interest Free information modal will be available for customers to click on.


Product Page Pricing Widget#

Latitude has developed a Product Page pricing widget that can be configured to display a price per month breakdown or a plan term. This helps your customers understand how much they may need to repay when considering an equal-monthly Latitude Interest Free plan, or alternatively how many months they have to pay off a purchase.

Breaking down a larger price-point item over a payment term helps rationalise the purchase for the customer in a decision-making scenario & clearly articulates Latitude Interest Free as the payment enabler.

We recommend merchants install this widget as we’ve observed a greater growth in Interest Free transactions for merchants who have enabled this widget next to the price of their product, compared to those who have not.

The Customer Experience on your Website#

Below is an example of the Interest Free Plan (minimum monthly or flexible plan option) widget on a product landing page with a ‘standard Latitude logo Blue on White’.

widget design

Below is an example of a Price Per Month (equal monthly plan option) widget on a product landing page with a ‘standard Latitude logo Blue on White’.

widget design

Learn More Modal#

Customers who click on ‘Learn More’ in the widget will be presented with an information modal to help make an informed decision on the product & loop through to application.

modal design

Configuring the Product Page pricing widgets#

The Widget playground provides a configurable environment where you can see a preview of the different widget layout designs depending on your promo type and term.

Once you have selected your currency, layout, payment frequency and promotion, follow the instructions on the right hand side to embed into your product page.

widget playground

For shopify merchants please follow this guide:

Shopify On-Site Messaging

For all other e-commerce platforms:

Latitude Financial Widget Playground

Following the Widget Guidelines#

  1. Your widget should be configured based on what plan type you have selected to provide to your customers eg: ‘Equal monthly’ or ‘minimum monthly’ or ‘flexible’ options for the widget.

  2. The Price Per Month (PPM) break-down is only shown for the ‘Equal Monthly’ plan option. A PPM break-down will not be shown when only ‘Minimum Monthly or Flexible’ plans are available.

  3. For ‘Equal Monthly’ plan types the product price is divided by the payment plan term to show the PPM

  4. For ‘Minimum Monthly or Flexible’ plan types only the payment term is shown

  5. Please use the widget playground above to be guided on the specific wording and links to include within the widget

  6. For the Learn more link please ensure you add your merchant ID onto the URL:

Footer payment options#

Adding Latitude as payment option in your website footer will increase awareness that Latitude Interest Free is offered in your online store.

For shopify merchants please follow this guide.

Shopify Merchants Guide

For all other e-commerce platforms choose from the below assets.

Option 1:

Latitude payment icon
payment icon
Download asset

Option 2:

Latitude payment icon + Interest Free badge
payment icon with badge
Download asset

Option 3:

Latitude logo
Download asset

Option 4:

Latitude logo + Interest Free badge
logo with badge
Download asset